Your Kidneys also need your attention ….Keep a check

As a matter of fact, with growing stress and busy lifestyle, we often end up with compromising with our health. There is much of awareness in society regarding Cardiac diseases and diabetes. You Must be knowing people in your circle who are very prompt in getting their cardiac health checked regularly. In our Indian society its a general tendency of people to cut down their sugar intake after a certain age as they fear of developing diabetes. Our dinner table discussions with family also includes topics related to cardiac problems.

Its really helpful being vigilant about your health status. But then are we keeping our complete care ? aren’t we being biased in taking care ?  so what’s missing ? knock knock !! hello its your kidneys !  Yes we all have must cracked jokes regarding selling one of our kidney for I phone, right ?….. But have you ever realised how much important your each kidney is ? They perform a continuous filtration process our body , isn’t that enough ? Imagine proposal of a new society, building construction etc, the first main thing considered is drainage system, so why can’t be concerned about our body’s detoxification system.

Bottomline is our Kidneys are generally the neglected segment of our health, and the sad part is kidney diseases are slow growing and silently progressing. There are in general 5 stages of kidney disorders. The initials stages goes undiagnosed as it doesn’t create much of alarming signs in our body,  in fact Kidneys tends to acclimatise according to changing needs of body upto a certain level. For example if one of your kidney has been infected and has reduced functioning, the other kidney automatically increase in its size to match with the efficiency. Isn’t it wonderful how nature has its own healing capacity. Problem arises in long standing infections , injuries or genetic kidney diseases when both kidneys fail to serve their purpose leading to kidney failure.

Treatment options for kidney related problems has certain limitations, you can find all related details in my articles, Keep reading.

How to keep a check on Your Kidneys ? Diagnostic test named as KFT ( kidney function test ) helps to find any deviation in normal parameters of the waste products. The main Focus should be on Serum Creatinine level and Blood urea levels. As they are the most significant markers. GFR (glomerular filtration rate) is yet another important test which calculates the efficiency of kidneys . Albumin concentration is also checked for certain cases. Also one must keep himself hydrated in order to help kidney perform better.


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