Winter Olympics 2018 banned Russia for Over Doping.

Russia is banned from 2018 Winter Games  for its state orchestrated doping program by International Olympic Committee. However, even after this strict decision, the clean players will bear no loss, as they would be allowed to compete for  Winter Olympics however the catch here is that they will have to compete under Olympic flag instead of Russia, they will have to compete under Olympic Flag.
This is undoubtedly the strictest sanction by International Olympic Committee regarding drug cheating which has come just before sixty five days of the Games in South Korea.
While the decision was being announced, the president Thomas Bach blamed Russia of “perpetrating an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the Olympic Games and sport”.

A really alarming report by World Anti Doping Agency and also two other International Olympic Committees have confirmed that it was the Russian athletes who took part in a drug cheating program which was at a high during 2014 Winter Olympics of Sochi.

Evidence is also pointing towards the fact that the program involved some senior government officials, including the sports ministry. The International Olympic Committee has also banned Russian’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Vitaly Mutko who has also been the sports minister during the Sochi Games, he has been banned for life.

Currently, Prime Minister Mutko is the head of the organising committee for 2018 World Cup, which is to be hosted by Russia.

One has to wait and know if FIFA, football’s world governing body  will allow or forbid the scandal-tainted Prime Minister to retain his senior World Cup role.

 FIFA has given out a statement which said that it had taken notice of the International Olympic Committee’s decision but it had no impact on the preparations for Russia 2018. IOC has also suspended the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and its chief Alexander Zhukov. Zhukov has given a statement that he has apologised to the IOC on Tuesday regarding the anti-doping violations committed in his country in recent years. IOC also had the option of hitting Russia with a blanket ban, the so-called nuclear option which was applied to apartheid-era South Africa from the year 1964 to 1988.

“An Olympic boycott has never achieved anything,” Bach has said in a statement, claiming that.


But the decision by International Olympic Committee to ban Russia has sparked an immediate outrage in Russia. The Deputy speaker of the Russian parliament’s lower house named the State Duma, Pyotr Tolstoy has already decided for a boycott.

“They are humiliating the whole of Russia through the absence of its flag and anthem,” he gave a statement.

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