Will Smith caught in photoshoot in front  of Taj mahal know why

Hollywood actor Will smith now days spent time in india . He is busy in shooting of student of the year 2 . He caught in photoshoot in front  of Taj mahal .  Will smith say that A lot of people don’t know this…. but the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built for a single person. Emperor Shah Jahan, so distraught over the death of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, preserved her body for 22 years while he built the Taj Mahal as her final resting place.

 in above lines of will smith make some historical  mistakes  in data people say him to do some wikipedia


 Sad if people didn’t know this. One of the seven wonders, and 3’rd grade knowledge. But awesome Pic 🙏🏻

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carola_montalban how many people I see doing this but no one understand the true meaning.
rosariaoliva9504 Great landscape Will Smith:I like it
winter_nightzYes and your not suppose to have a replica because it’s bad luck
sofiavlozano Gorgeus



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