Was a Blood Bath’: Freight Trains Kill 110 Reindeer in Norway

Freight trains rolling through Norway caused the death of almost more than hundred of raindeers. This incident is indicating the less-potential of national railway & how the sufficient in protecting animals.

All total almost 110 reindeer were killed in the incident when eight consignment trains plowed into herds on the tracks last week.  Norway’s national railway company said in that severe accident more than 65 reindeer were killed on that day when that consignment trains hit. The incident precisely happened in the northern town of Bodo, Norway.

Torstein Appfjell, A reindeer herder, aged 59 named this incident as “It was a bloodbath,” on a telephonic interview. He added that “I have been a herder all my life, since boyhood, and I have never seen anything like the scene on Saturday night.”

Torstein Appfjell and some other reindeer herder came to know about the accident, and they were notified of the crash by the railway company, Bane NOR, (Norwegian government agency responsible for owning, maintaining, operating and developing the Norwegian railway network, including the track, stations, etc.), when they came to the spot, they found dead reindeers around the 200 to 300 yards of the railway tracks.

“Some of them had been torn up by the crash, but still they were alive hours later,” Mr. Appfjell recalled. “I saw one with a broken back, trying to rise, although it was impossible.” “It hurts because we know every one of our animals,” he said. “When you herd, you see things like often, and you put your affection aside. But this particular scene will be burned into my eyes forever. Sixty-five animals in one crash — it’s a catastrophe.”

Bane NOR, the government railway agency confirmed the death of reindeer for the frequent collision of Goods train from Wednesday through Saturday. A senior railway manager of Nothern department named Thor Braekkan, there was three severe accident formed, one is on Wednesday that killed 26 reindeer, one on Friday that shot 15 and the one on Saturday that killed 65.

He also added “We are now investigating the circumstances of the warning chain carefully, from herder to Bane NOR and then to the driver,”

This type of accidents and collisions are not for the first time. From 2010 almost 200 to 600 reindeer have been in train-related accidents each year, and the numbers are in increasing stage. One of a railway agency investigates and found that almost 2,016 animals were killed in last year, including elk, deer, reindeer, sheep, and others.

Mr. Braekkan said “The accident on Saturday is the largest I can recall, I am not surprised it has gotten attention. It is a tragic event.”

Silje Karine Muotka, Norwegian-Sami politician, member of the Sami Parliament of Norway also react on this sensitive topic. “The situation is unacceptable, Trains’ killing deer, elk, and other animals have been a gruesome problem in Norway for years,”

“The administration needs to address the condition with more barrier in some places and mandatory speed depletion in other. We want digital surveillance to be implemented. Latest technology should make it simple to warn the train drivers.”

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