Vishal, the actor to contest R.K. Nagar bypoll.

Vishal Krishna is one of the most famous actors in the Tamil film industry. However, apart from his immense contribution to movies, Vishal has often spoken his mind about corruption in the film industry and he has been unabashed in doing so. Also, he has now started on with Politics. The Tamil Star has also announced that now he would also contest the R.K. Nagar bypoll. Speaking to a leading newspaper, the actor said that he will announce his reasons for filing the nominations after he is done with filing his nominations. He said that he is contesting the election as an independent candidate. Also he added that he is going to state his reasons for contesting this particular by poll after he has filed his nomination.” Also the actor is expected to file his nomination on Monday.

Vishal has often been quite vocal about the corruption in the film industry and  now he has taken up on politicians openly. So at the time when he criticised BJP leader H. Raja during the Mersal controversy, he had also warned the politicians to not to interfere in the case of suicide of producer Ashok Kumar of Company Productions. “If any MLA or MP interferes, we will take them on,” he had said then.

He has also been quite vocal and active about ensuring adequate transparency in the film industry. Actor Vishal’s close associates have mentioned that he has also been thinking about taking the political plunge, the reason being that he is fed up of politics in the State. He also happens to be the general secretary of Nadigar Sangam and also recently he was elected as the president of Tamil Film Producers Council.

Ever since he announced his decision of contesting RK Nagar ByPoll Twitterarti have gone crazy posting about him, Actor Vishal surely has a foothold here becausse of his fans and supporters.

Earlier on Friday, he said that regarding his decision of contesting RK Nagar ByPoll. “I am contemplating it. I will make a decision about contesting R.K. Nagar bypoll in 2 days.” The last day of filing nominations for the bypoll is on Monday, December 4.
When he was asked then whether he was planning to contest as an Independent or if he would be contest as a candidate of established political parties, he said: “I will talk about all that after I make the decision.” And now, finally the decision is made.

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