Vanity Fair Fashion Staff Nonplussed by New Editor’s Personal Style!

Radhika Jones, Former Time magazine editor, and current editorial director of The New York Times now learning the ways of world trade. But she is now known as the new editor in chief of Vanity Fair only this week. 44 aged Jones went to Lower Manhattan to be comfortable and aware of the magazine’s staff.

But Radhika Jones may have been the editorial director at The New York Time of the books department, alumni of Time magazine and another most popular Magazine around the world named The Paris Review. If we have a look at her educational background, It’s awe-inspiring and robust. She has a graduate degree from Havard and holds a doctorate fame in English literature and comparative literature from Columbia. But, But It was not enough to impress Condé Nast-ers. They, instead, were shocked by her sense of the way.

Red and Black Student Magazine observed one of the fashion editors of the company in a frank conversation with production remarking not on the context of Jones’ very first visit, but rather the outfit she wore.

The staffer noted that “She seemed nervous. The outfit was impressive,” According to that fashion editor who omitted Jones’ praiseworthy literary accomplishments from the discussion.  The incoming editor wore a navy shift dress strewn with zippers, a garment deemed as “iffy” at best.

Unnerved by Jones’ choice of legwear — and Wintour’s response — the fashion editor, announced to her friends: “I’m not sure if I should include a new pair of tights in her welcome basket.” Jones is said to begin her new role on Dec. 11.

That fashion editor didn’t remark or said anything on Carter’s outfit for the occasion. After 25 years at Vanity Fair’s helm, he walks away from the job with a vibrant bequest that is noted, not for his remarkable skew-whiff hairstyle, but rather his squabble of A-list celebrities and publishing of writers including Christopher Hitchens and Dominick Dunne.

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