USNS Comfort hospital ship leaves New York, sign of decline

(New York) Arrived on 30 March in New York, then that the coronavirus pandemic was in full explosion, the American military hospital ship USNS Comfort left on Thursday, without having never run at full speed.

France Media Agency

This white boat from 270 meters long, marked with red crosses and with a capacity of 1000 beds, entered New York Harbor with great fanfare, sent by President Donald Trump and hailed as “A symbol of hope” by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

A crowd then gathered to applaud his arrival, but Thursday there were only a few New Yorkers watching him leave for his port of Attachment from Norfolk, Virginia, said AFP.

An elderly gentleman applauded in silence when he saw him gently leaving New York port, between two showers.

From the anchor point west of Manhattan, the boat and its crew of some 1200 sailors ultimately treated few patients: 182 in total, of which 65% Were affected by the coronavirus, indicated on Thursday the captain Patrick Amersbach, commander for the medical part, quoted in a press release.

“Many of these patients suffered from rapid and multiple organ failures, requiring artificial respirators,” the statement said.

Based on the models of the spread of the disease, the American economic capital was preparing to see its hospitals overwhelmed with patients.

The state governor had ordered hospitals to increase their capacity to a minimum of 41%, Or even double it if possible.

Finally, the worst-case scenario did not materialize.

If New York remains the city in the world most affected by the epidemic, with nearly 160 000 0 cases identified and more than 16 00 0 confirmed or probable deaths from the disease, available capacities have never been fully utilized.

The number of people hospitalized in New York, including patients other than the virus, has returned from a maximum of 19 00 0 approximately in mid-April to some 7200 currently, according to figures from Covid Data Project.

In this context, the large Javits Center conference center in Manhattan, which had been transformed into a field hospital with some 2500 beds, is also expected to close next week.