UNICEF has claimed that Pollution can permanently damage a child’s brain.

There has been the linking between air pollution and respiratory diseases since forever, but UNICEF claimed in a report which claims that there is a growing body of scientific research stating that air pollution can damage a child’s brain that too permanently. The reports came during the time when India, especially Delhi, the capital of the nation is already on the top list regarding pollution.  In fact, in October Delhi schools had to be shut for few days to reduce exposure of children towards pollutants in the environment.

UNICEF has claimed that Pollution can permanently damage a child’s brain.

The United Nations Report had also stated that it is South Asia which has the largest percentage of babies that are living in areas where the pollution in air is at least around six times higher than the set international limits which happens to be ten micro grams for one cubic metre.


UNICEF claimed that all over the world, around seventeen million infants under the age of one are living in such highly polluted areas, out of which approximately 12.2 million of them live in South Asia. Also the report claimed that in East Asia and the Pacific, there are approximately four point three million babies who are breathing toxic air.

United Nation Report “Danger in the Air”

The United Nations report was titled as ‘Danger in the air’, that states that brain damage can happen through several mechanisms. It  has made many ground breaking revelations that state that particulate matters can also cause neurological inflammation and also damage the barrier between brain and blood which is a thin and delicate memberane which helps in protection of brain from the toxicity of environment.

The executive Director of UNICEF, Mr Anthony Lakes, gave out a statement which states that it is not just the developing lungs of babies that are harmed by Pollutants, even damage of developing brains could happen because of pollutants.

When there is an exposure of a pregnant women to pollutants, it harms them a lot.

After a lot of researches, it has been found that the pollutants can even cross the placenta and adversely affect the developing brain of a foetus permanently. Research has also proven that there is a link between prenatal exposures to high levels of air pollution and even delays the development of kids, as well as affect the psychological and behavioural problems later during their childhood, which include symptoms of attention that deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and depression. A study reported a four-point drop in the IQ by the age of five when kids aare exposed to air pollution,.

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