UN: resolution to extend Iran arms embargo rejected

(Washington) The UN Security Council on Friday rejected a US resolution to extend the embargo on arms sales to Iran which expires in October, angering the United States which denounced an “inexcusable” vote.

France Media Agency

Washington’s project has only been approved by two countries, announced Indonesia, which currently chairs the body. Two others, Russia and China, voted against and the remaining eleven Council members abstained, including France, the United Kingdom and Germany, European allies of the United States.

If the text had obtained nine favorable votes, Beijing and Moscow would certainly have vetoed it, but it was not necessary.

“The United States will never abandon our friends in the region who expected more from the Security Council. We will continue to work to ensure that the theocratic terrorist regime is not free to buy and sell weapons that threaten the heart of Europe, the Middle East and beyond ”, lamented the head of the US diplomacy Mike Pompeo in a statement.

According to the Secretary of State, the world institution, which brings together the great powers (United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom and France), “has today failed to fulfill its fundamental mission” , namely “to maintain international peace and security”.

The Security Council “rejected a reasonable resolution to extend an arms embargo on Iran 08 years and paved the way for the world’s leading state supporting terrorism to buy and sell conventional arms without UN restrictions, for the first time in more than a decade, ”he said. that he had thus gone against the wishes of many Arab countries and Israel.

Call Trump / Macron

This vote should pave the way for a long showdown with repercussions on the international agreement of 51 concluded to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapon.

The arms embargo actually expires on 14 October, under the terms of the resolution endorsing this agreement.

However, although President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018 the United States from the Iranian nuclear agreement, which he considered insufficient, American diplomacy now threatens to invoke its status as a country “participating” in this same text, resulting from the resolution of 2015, to unilaterally impose the reinstatement of sanctions of the UN lifted in exchange for Iranian nuclear commitments.

Such a maneuver, on the basis of a legal argument contested by many members of the Council, including among Washington’s European allies, would risk pushing Iran to slam the door on the nuclear deal once and for all, from which he has already started to disengage. And therefore to record the death of the text of 2015.

Mike Pompeo did not directly reiterate this threat in his post-vote statement.

Critics of the American approach suspect the Trump administration of precisely wanting to achieve this fatal outcome before the November presidential election in the United States, and several countries, however a priori in favor of an extension of the embargo, like the Europeans, therefore refused to play the American game.

The end of the embargo “could have serious consequences for regional security and stability”, acknowledged Anne Gueguen, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations.

“However, France abstained on the proposed draft resolution, because it does not constitute an appropriate response”, she added, accusing the Americans half-heartedly of not having sought consensus and endanger the “authority and integrity of the Security Council”.

According to the White House, President Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron spoke on Friday, during a telephone interview, “of the urgent need for UN action to extend the arms embargo. in Iran ”.