TUF 26 Finale results: Nicco Montano decisions Roxanne Modafferi to win UFC women’s flyweight title

It all started with the UFC championship battle, where Veteran Roxanne Modafferi, one of the best female MMA fighters and the 14th seed  Nicco Montano clashed on stage. You won’t believe what happened in their clash at Las Vegas on last Friday night.

Everyone expected the veteran to grab the badge. But the flow went wrong, Montano got her in a right clutch and earned the badge of TUF 26 Finale.

“I love Roxanne, she’s been an inspiration since before I even started fighting, and to share this experience with her was awesome.” Said Montano in an interview

From the first round, Modafferi did some impressive moves and showed her temptation. But it went ahead, Montano gave some clear shots and scored some takedowns.

“I feel amazing, I’m so lost for words right now,” Montano said. “I can’t thank my coaches enough right now.”

Modaffieri lost three rounds in a row from Montano. She said, “Nico’s awesome, she’s so talented, I can’t say enough about her, I gave it my all and I was in shape.”

At another end, other fights between Sean O’Malley and Terrion Ware put the whole evening in a hot fire bucket. O’Malley got the first round off with a variety of good kicks as he is known especially for these kinds of strikes. But after getting tired, Ware put all og his skills and dragged O’Malley down. This was not enough for the renowned striker. In the third round, O’Malley hit back and got the total bantamweight bout, getting scores of 29-28 with a victorious win.

“I knew he was going to be tough I know that was going to be a tough fight, I was going to try to knock him out but he was tough.” O’Malley (9-0) said after the enormous fight show.

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