Trump talks about 'path' to 'citizenship' for 700,000 young migrants

(Miami) Donald Trump mentioned on Friday the imminent signing of an immigration decree which would contain “a path to citizenship” for 700 00 0 young people living in the United States without legal status.

France Media Agency

“They will be part of a much bigger immigration law,” he said in an interview in Miami with the Spanish television channel Telemundo.

“It will be a very important, very good law, based on merit and it will include the DACA”, he added with reference to the acronym of the program protecting since 2012 these young people, who arrived illegally with their parents on American soil.

Since then, they have built their lives in the United States without obtaining legal permanent resident status while having little or no connection with their country of origin.

To protect them from the expulsion, Democratic President Barack Obama had allowed these young people to obtain a social security number, a precious sesame for studying, working or driving in the United States.

This text will not give them legal status but “will give them a path to citizenship,” said Donald Trump, who has made the fight against illegal immigration one of the hallmarks of his mandate.

The republican billionaire decided in 2017 to put an end to the DACA program, according to him “illegal”. But the Supreme Court imposed a snub on him in mid-June, judging his decision “arbitrary”, notably because the government had not followed the rules of procedure.

The text will be a presidential decree which will not have to be approved by Congress, and will be signed “within four weeks,” he said, stressing that the White House is currently working on the “legal complexities” of the law.

The cause of these young people, called “Dreamers”, is popular in American public opinion. About 30 00 0 of them work in the sector and have been at the forefront of the coronavirus epidemic.

Donald Trump, for whom some of these “Dreamers” are “far from being” angels “”, however, promised in November to find a solution so that they could stay in the United States.

This announcement made part of the republican camp jump. Texas Senator Ted Cruz said on Twitter that the president had “ZERO constitutional authority to create” a path to citizenship “by decree.”