Trump in Florida, where the COVID-19 epidemic breaks records

(Washington) President Donald Trump travels to Florida on Friday, one of the big centers of the COVID epidemic today – 19, ignoring health warnings and falsely attributing current contamination records to better screening.

Ivan Couronne

France Media Agency

“We tested 40 or 45 millions of people, it's a record, and our tests are the best ”, Donald Trump said on Fox News on Thursday. “Most of these cases improve immediately. They are young, they have runny noses and two days later they are better. ”

“When you turn on the television, they always talk about the worst cases. They are not talking about deaths, because deaths are falling sharply, “he added.

The number of deaths due to COVID – 19, at the national level, has dropped since the peaks of April, thanks to the improvement of the situation in New York, but this assessment has started to rise again, the numerous contaminations of June changing gradually in death.

Thursday, Texas and Florida each reported their record number of deaths since the start of the pandemic, respectively 98 and 120.

“The tsunami is here,” said the chief executive of Hidalgo County, South Texas. In 24 hours, 1274 new cases have been confirmed in this jurisdiction under 900 000 inhabitants. By comparison, the Australian city of Melbourne, 5 million inhabitants, was reconfigured this week after the detection of 191 case in 24 hours.

At the national level, over the past month, the number of tests carried out daily has increased by 33%, but the number of cases detected from 167%, according to COVID data – 19 Tracking Project.

“As a country, when we compare ourselves to other countries, I don't think we can say that we did well. This just isn't the case, “said Anthony Fauci, the United States' top infectious disease expert, at FiveThirtyEight.

He was the one who warned last week when the country was recording 40 000 case per day, that the bar of 100 000 could be affected; Thursday's balance sheet was 65 000.

“Doctor Fauci is a nice man, but he made a lot of mistakes,” joked Donald Trump, saying that the expert was against the closure of the air border with China at the start of the pandemic. According to several media reports at the time, Anthony Fauci was initially opposed to it, but had changed his mind and ended up recommending the measure to the president.

Meeting canceled on Saturday

Two-thirds of Americans now disapprove of Donald Trump's handling of the pandemic, according to an ABC poll published on Friday, compared with half in April. And polls for the November 3 presidential election give advantage to his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden.

The president has three events scheduled for Friday in the Miami region: a visit by the military command for South America, an event with Venezuelan opponents in a large church, and a meeting with “supporters” at his re-election.

It was mainly his campaign rally on Saturday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which worried because of the risk of contagion, but was postponed.

The rally has been postponed “for a week or two,” US executive spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany told reporters.

Its previous rally, in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 19 June, had gathered 6200 people in a closed room, and was followed by an outbreak of contamination for two weeks later.

This time, the rally will take place in an airport hangar, and the Trump team will distribute masks. The Republican governor announced that he would not be going, and the Trump camp seemed to be preparing for a low attendance.

“I have nothing against wearing the mask, if that reassures people,” said Donald Trump, saying that he would wear one himself during an upcoming visit to a military hospital. , and that he did not need to wear it in general because all the people approaching him were systematically tested.

Then he mocked Joe Biden, who always wears it in public.


“He comes on stage with a huge mask, there is nobody else on stage, and he takes it off, often he lets it hang down with his left ear. Frankly, he does that to have fun ”.