Top 10 Corruption Scam in History of India

Scams and India go head to head when it comes to competition. Though there are preachers who have made India a better place. What’s done, cannot be removed. Still, it is better to have knowledge of the incidents then to simply think it’s no one’s fault. Below is a list of the Top 10 Corruption Scam in History of India who led the India behind of so many developed countries. We are already sure you gonna mad about it and take a wise decision while choosing a government.

Scam List of Indian Government:

1.    The Black money Scam:

Cost: Rs. 7,280,000 Crores

The biggest scam in the history and one of the most terrifying of them all is this one. People had more money than they knew what to do with. They have literally stashed their pockets with hardcore cash. But when the anti-corruption movement started, they had no other options but to make the money go to the Swiss banks. This is by far a terrifying scam of them all.

2.    CWS Scam:

Cost: Rs. 70,000 crores

The commonwealth games are a major contribution to the world of athletes. But when India was organizing the game, there were a lot of controversies. Rather than a huge amount of fund fraud, there were also incidents of sex slavery, child labor, racisms and financial costing. The impact was so big that the chairman was eventually arrested for cheating and criminal conspiracy.

3.    2G spectrum scan:

Cost: 176,000 crores:

The permission granted to many companies was a reason why this scam came into action in the first place. Politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, VIPs and even the telecom minister was part of the scan. This scam is considered to be one of the most threatening scams that led to the downfall of the digital economy entirely for a long period of time.

4.    Scorpene Submarine Scams:

Cost: 18,978 crores

This incident is a shame on the face of the country itself. Civilians involved in the scam are understandable but the army is not. The scam costs a huge amount of money to the Indian government. The tender was quoted at a much higher price and in the end, the penalty was the money of the hard-

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