Thousands protest in Jerusalem against Netanyahu

(Jerusalem) Thousands of people demonstrated Tuesday night in Jerusalem against the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accused of corruption in several cases, demanding his resignation.

France Media Agency

“The corruption of Netanyahu makes us sick”, “Netanyahu, resignation”, could be read on the signs brandished by the demonstrators outside the Prime Minister’s residence, AFP journalists found.

One of the organizers of the demonstration, the general of reserve Amir Haskel had called the public to come especially on 14 July, ” 231 e anniversary of the French Revolution ”, to “demand freedom, equality and fraternity”.

Many police forces oversaw the rally.

The demonstrators wore masks, but without taking into account the compulsory physical distances.

“The deadliest virus is not COVID – 19, but corruption,” AFP said. Laurent Cige, who came from Tel Aviv to participate in the demonstration.

Indicted for corruption, fraud and breach of trust in three cases, Mr. Nétanyahou is at the heart of a trial whose next hearing is scheduled for 14 July.

According to Israeli law, the Prime Minister is not obliged to resign if he is charged, but only if he is found guilty of a crime after having exhausted all appeal procedures, which could take years.

Protesters also protested the management of the new coronavirus pandemic, while the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that more than 368 new cases had been recorded since the day before.

Until recently, Israel, which has a population of around nine million, boasted of its management of the pandemic, but the number of new patients has started to rise as the deconfinement began.

The government lifted some restrictions at the end of May, but announced new ones last week, such as the closure of bars, nightclubs and gyms.

The authorities have officially listed more than 41 200 sick, including 368 died, according to a report released Tuesday.