They identify and detain the mother of an abandoned baby in Iztacalco

Allegedly, the young woman, from 22 years old, gave birth to the child and left her on the site, where hours later she was rescued; according to family members, Jaqueline 'N' suffered domestic violence

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The mother of the newborn, barely seven months pregnant, abandoned on a site of the Iztacalco City Hall, in Mexico City , was identified as Jacqueline 'N' , who remains in a hospital in Mexican Social Security Institute , as a detainee; until Wednesday night, the woman has refused to give her statement.

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With the thermal, with the thermal, there it is, now, my love, now, already, my love, already, already, little girl. ”

She is a little girl who rescued her, practically, newborn, found her dehydrated with minor injuries, scratches, dehydrated, hypothermic, but that's fine, she hasn't needed the neonatal intensive care unit, so we're very optimistic about her improvement, ”said Oliva López Arellano, Secretary of Health of the CDMX.

According to the investigation, allegedly, the girl, of 22 years old, gave birth to the child and left her on the site, where hours later she was rescued by elements of the Rescue and Medical Emergency Squadron (ERUM ) and Heroic Fire Department From the capital.

Waters with your little hand! Yes, yes, here I see it, here I see it! ”

Once the baby is discharged, it will be protected by the Agency 59 in the Prosecutor's Office of Investigation for the attention of children and adolescents , while in the next hours the legal situation of Jacqueline 'N will be determined ', who, according to relatives, suffered domestic violence.

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Dead baby, discovered in the trash, possible newborn twin rescued in Iztacalco

During investigations of the case of the baby rescued between the walls of two houses in the Iztacalco mayor's office, police detected that at the address located on Tomás Vázquez # street 179 there were traces of blood. When they came to the site they found the body of another newborn, which could be twin of the child, in a trash can.

In the place was only an older adult who was taken to testify to the Public Ministry.

The place was insured.

The neighbors said that the people who live in that place are conflicting.

They are more or less very difficult people, ”said Mario, a neighbor of Tomás Vázquez Street.

The mother of the newborns was identified as Jaqueline.

According to her relatives, the woman is admitted to a hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in the mayor's office Benito Juárez, as a detainee, and her husband José is missing.

Enrique, Jaqueline's grandfather, clarified: “He didn't run away, he's in the hospital. They are unfairly accusing her; He had bruises on his arms, had bleeding and aborted a child. Then he went out to see his sister-in-law and then there was another girl. Dad disappeared, if my daughter is to blame for me to go inside. ”

The Attorney General of Mexico City initiated an investigation folder to determine what happened.

On March 3, a newborn baby was rescued by paramedics and firefighters after she was thrown between the walls of two dwellings marked with the numbers 926 and 928 of Plutarco Elías Calles Street, in Barrio San Pedro, apparently during the early morning.

The neighbors called 911 to ask for help, at first they thought they It was a cat caught, but in the morning they heard the baby crying.

That they heard how a kitten or something like that, suddenly they heard what a baby was crying, from here they looked out and that's when they talked to him ” , narrated one of the neighbors.

Members of the emergency bodies had to break the wall of one of the houses, after they placed the baby from the roof, approximately three meters deep.

After rescuing it, they wrapped it in a thermal blanket.

The minor had a low heart rate and hypothermia.

During his transfer to the Pediatric Hospital of Iztacalco, the baby was stabilized by paramedics of the Heroic Fire Department , including one of them nursed the girl since she had several hours of not trying food.

Eloísa Herrera Quijano, Medical Coordinator of Firefighters of the CDMX, commented: “I came up with the idea of ​​providing my breast milk, I'm still breastfeeding, I have a small baby and it started Give breast milk Her heart rate rose, she began to grab a more pinkish color, she was not so blue anymore, so the baby was delivered to the Pediatric Hospital of Iztacalco in the area of ​​neonatology, stable. ”

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