These are some banking operations that you can do at home against coronavirus

Experts recommend not using public or insecure networks to make purchases or bank operations

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These are some banking operations that you can do at home before coronavirus crisis (Covid – 19)) .

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The first option is to use digital banking or mobile apps, considered one of the fastest, most modern and safest systems.

“In them they can do practically all the services that can be given in a branch or in ATMs such as balance and movement inquiries, view your account statements, notifications of charge operations, credit, account transfers from the same bank or between banks, make payments with CODI or QR “, explained Juan Carlos Jiménez, director Association of Banks of Mexico.

With the apps you can also make payments of credits, taxes, payments of rights such as tenure and services such as water, gas and telephone.

Another option you have to carry out banking operations without leaving your home is through “Internet banking” through your fixed computer or laptop.

You can make inquiries of balances, payments of own cards or of department stores, transfers to third parties and payments of services to financial operations such as investments.

“If you have contracted Internet banking you can do more sophisticated operations how could it be download account statements from previous months, you can make direct debits of payments, transfers, credit payments, “explained Juan Carlos Jiménez.

In this stage of health contingency where it is recommended to be at home, banks are prepared to face the high number of transactions safely for their clients.

“The bank has very robust systems that are constantly being reviewed by experts. the mirror sites, or redundancies that we have parallel systems if one fails, the other immediately supports the first in seconds, “added Jiménez.

Online shopping with cards is a good alternative to acquire goods without leaving home.

Always consider that in the address of the purchase page this “little lock” appears, which means that your operation is protected and that the address is written: https, this is the letter “s” of Segura.

It is recommended not to use public or insecure networks to make purchases or bank operations.

With information Guadalupe Flores.