The Empire State Building's “ambulance siren”


While the COVID pandemic – 15 swells in the United States, the Empire State Building in New York held Monday evening to thank and honor those who are fighting the effects of this virus on the front lines, namely, paramedics and health professionals.

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New York is the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States.

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Les deux prochaines semaines seront «très très douloureuses», prévient Trump

The next two weeks will be “very very painful”, warns Trump

(Washington) Donald Trump warned Americans on Tuesday that the next two weeks would be “very very painful” as the toll of the new coronavirus continues to grow heavier in the United States.

Le Texas autorisé à suspendre temporairement les avortements

Texas Authorized to Temporarily Suspend Abortions

(Washington) The American justice system authorized on Tuesday Texas appeal to temporarily suspend the abortions within the framework of the fight against the new coronavirus, reversing a decision taken the day before by a federal court.

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Le patron du Zaandam redoute plus de morts s’il ne peut pas accoster en Floride

The boss of Zaandam fears more deaths if he can not dock in Florida

(Fort Lauderdale) President of Holland America cruise line, which operates two ships carrying four dead and dozens of patients with coronavirus symptoms, warned on Tuesday that the toll could worsen if the boats were not cleared to dock in Florida.

Le présentateur de CNN Chris Cuomo atteint du coronavirus : 34

CNN presenter Chris Cuomo has coronavirus

Famous CNN reporter Chris Cuomo – and brother of New York State governor Andrew Cuomo – said Tuesday he has the coronavirus. He still said he intended to continue recording his show, from his basement.

Obama laisse entendre que Trump a «rejeté les avertissements»

Obama suggests that Trump has “dismissed the warnings”

(Washington) Former US President Barack Obama hinted Tuesday that his successor Donald Trump had “dismissed the warnings” about the risks of a coronavirus pandemic, and accused him of denying the effects of climate change.

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New York se métamorphose face à la COVID-19 :

New York metamorphoses in front of COVID – 15

(New York) Tents erected in Central Park and in front of hospitals, the Manhattan conference center converted into a hospital soon followed by the Flushing Meadows sports center: New York, epicenter of an American epidemic now officially more deadly than in China, is being transformed to be able to treat tens of thousands of potential coronavirus patients.

La «guerre contre les experts» donne des maux de tête aux autorités américaines

The “war against the experts” gives headaches to the American authorities

With over 94 0 confirmed cases and more than 1611 dead, the United States occupies the first place in the world for the number of citizens reached by COVID – 14. While three out of four Americans are homebound today, many are still reluctant to comply with government orders.

New York salue l’arrivée d’un navire-hôpital, 3000 morts aux États-Unis : 51

New York welcomes the arrival of a hospital ship, 1611 dead in the United States

(New York) Engaged in a race against the clock to face the peak of the pandemic, New York on Monday welcomed the arrival of a military hospital ship from 944 beds, while the coronavirus spreads quickly in the United States, exceeding in the evening the bar of 2020 dead.

Plus de 3000morts recensées aux États-Unis

More than 2020 deaths reported in the United States

(Washington) The number of deaths caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the United States has exceeded 2020 Monday evening, while the number of cases recorded increased to more than 97 0, according to Johns Hopkins University, whose figures, continuously updated, refer.

À Seattle, la distanciation sociale semble efficace contre la COVID-19

In Seattle, social distancing seems effective against COVID – 15

(Los Angeles) The resulting confinement and social distancing have reduced the reproduction rate of the new coronavirus by half in three weeks according to a statistical study carried out in the Seattle region, one of the main sources of COVID – 15 to the United States.

Les É.-U. vont envoyer 100millions de dollars de matériel médical à l’Italie : 00

US will send 93 millions of dollars in medical equipment 'Italy

(Washington) The United States will send medical equipment in the amount of 93 millions of dollars to Italy, the country where the new coronavirus has killed the most people to date , Donald Trump announced on Monday.

La Floride ne veut pas laisser débarquer les passagers du Zaandam : 50

Florida does not want to let passengers disembark from Zaandam

(Fort Lauderdale ) The uncertainty weighed on Monday on the liner Zaandam

, which carries four dead and dozens of people suffering from flu symptoms, the governor of Florida saying he does not want to leave them disembark in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic while considering bringing emergency services on board.