Super-30 poster release: Hrithik Roshan’s super-30 most searched topic on Google

The Indian Institute of Technology is preparing for admission into the IIT, a well-known super-30 institution which is operated by Anand Kumar, is becoming a biopic. In which the main role is playing Hrithik Roshan.

What is super 30

 Super-30 is an institution in which the students are unable to pay fees in higher institutions . Anand Kumar teach them for free IIT preparation.

Trending Topics

  • Since last week, Super-30 Google has been making the most trending on Google. Google also released a video that Hrithik Roshan is studying in Super-30 Class.
  •  Directed by Vikas Bahl, the film will be released on January 25.
  • Super 30 director Anand Kumar, while expressing his happiness on the biopic said that this film will be a new inspiration for the youth.
  • Anand Kumar is very keen to watch this movie.


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