Sreesanth’s Ex-Girlfriend Demanded An Apology

Sreesanth has constantly been making headlines as he stepped in the house of Bigg Boss 12. We have often seen him talking about his wife and children to housemates and got to hear how his wife Bhuvaneshwari stood and support for him during the difficult phase when he needed her most.

Sreesanth tied the knot with Bhuvaneshwari in 2013 and he told contestants that they were in a relationship for 7 long years prior to taking the big decision or marriage.


After hearing this, the former Indian cricketer’s ex-girlfriend Nikesha Patel who is an actress of South revealed shocking details and claimed that Sree also had a live-in relationship with her when he was dating Bhuvaneshwari.

It was very much difficult for her to move on from this relationship and she has a number of questions unanswered. She further expressed her aggravation and asked as to what he was doing with her when he claimed to be in love with Bhuvneshwari while at the same time dating her too.

Nikesha is very upset with Sreesanth’s claim and has asked a public apology for breaking up with her. She even went on to say that he doesn’t respect women so much as he pretends to do in Bigg Boss 12.

It will be interesting to see how Sreesanth reacts to this.

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