SCT reiterates disembarkation of passengers in Puerto Vallarta for humanitarian reasons


The pertinent sanitary and security measures will be taken, in accordance with municipal, state and federal protocols, said the federal agency

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PHOTO: The landing was authorized for humanitarian reasons. (Twitter @ Com_Portuaria)

After the past days 19, 20 Y 21 March, a special protocol was made for the proper disembarkation of cruise passengers MS Europa , in Puerto Vallarta, the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) confirmed that the necessary sanitary measures will be taken in the event of the coronavirus , in order to cruises that are at sea and that are scheduled to arrive at this port.

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“The slogan of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador , is that the disembarkation of cruise ships is carried out strictly for humanitarian reasons, without putting the population of the port at risk, “the agency said in a statement.

The SCT indicates that the pertinent health and safety measures will be taken , in accordance with the municipal, state and federal protocols .

People arriving on boats will be individually checked and disinfected by the Puerto Vallarta International Health team, before disembarking, and then transferred to the local airport.

To avoid crowds inside the airport, a special protocol will be established, which exempts the pass through counters and last waiting rooms, so that passengers enter the platform area, where at the foot of the plane, a airport safety belt and a final fumigation will be carried out by International Health.

For the landings and transfers to be successful, as the one that took place last weekend had, the close coordination and collaboration of all levels of government is necessary .

With information from SCT.