School Staff Arrested For Sexually Abusing A Three-Year-Old Girl

Parents protested in Kolkata remained as the staff member of different school was taken into custody last night in conjunction with the sexual assault on one another student. A staff member of MP Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School Manoj has sexually abused a 3-year-old child twice in June and even in September.

The parents have filed a complaint with the police in September, but the arrest was made only after parents of other students held demonstrations following the rape of 4-year-old in GD Birla Centre for Education. The Principal of GD Birla Centre for Education is being investigated by the police since the morning after the parents of 4-year-old filed a complaint with the police asserting that she had leaked the identity of their daughter in contravention of the law.

In a message sent to nearly 4,000 parents of the school, Principal S Nath had named the student. The issue concerning is under examination by the police,” read the letter, which has shocked the parents. “This is dishonest and illegal,” said a parent who got the letter. “The naming of the girl confirms how callous the school is about the whole thing,” said another parent. The school’s presentation came after two of its teachers were imprisoned for the mugging and it was shut down indefinitely. But lawyers say the principal’s letter further exposes the school’s callousness towards its students. The letter, they said, violates every legal norm and the provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, which prohibits naming of minor sexual assault survivors.

Ananya Chatterjee Chakraborti, the chief of the child rights body in the state, said it would showcase Ms Nath for identifying the girl. “This is absolutely illegal. She cannot name the child. We will show cause the Principal for violating the POCSO Act. How can she do it? She has meddled the basic tenets of humanity,” she was quoted as saying by news agency Press Trust of India. The father of the apprentice in GD Birla has demanded the abandonment and arrest of the principal. Otherwise, he said activists would march to Lalbazaar, the police headquarters. He has also approached to sue GD Birla, the corporate group that runs four schools in Kolkata and has several other business concerns.

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