SBI: SBI customers will now be able to make unlimited free transactions

The State Bank of India is taking a new step after one. After the recent announcement of the old check book, the bank has now prepared to give big gifts to its customers.

Yes, let us tell that State Bank of India has come with its customers an unlimited cash withdrawal offer daily from the ATM. Now these customers have to pay a fixed amount to the customers who withdraw cash at the ATM from the Free Transaction Limit.

But SBI offers customers an opportunity to get cash withdrawal from Unlimited Bar ATMs. For this, customers will not have to pay any extra charge on cash withdrawal from State Bank of India Group SBG ATM.

This condition, kept for Unlimited Transaction
The bank has taken the condition of withdrawing cash from the ATM from its ATM that the customer can avail the benefits of this facility, whose account is always available at a minimum of 25,000 rupees. That is to take advantage of Unlimited Free Transaction, you have to keep at least 25000 rupees in your account.

However, if you have 25000 or more in the last month in your account, you can get the benefit of unlimited transaction this month.

RBI has directed banks to provide free transactions to their customers to a fixed number.

Join Important SBI Transactions
Current account holders are now free 8 transactions per month, with 5 SBI ATMs and ATMs from 3 other banks.
More than the specified transaction number, the withdrawal of cash from the ATM is charged from 5 rupees to 20 rupees GST per auction.
A customer having a minimum of 25,000 rupees in his account will get unlimited transaction facility from SBI’s ATM.

Cash Limit decreased last month
You will be thoroughly impressed that SBI recently made the transaction limit of 40,000 rupees per day to 20 thousand rupees per day for customers having a classic and Maestro debit card. This new rule of SBI has been implemented from October 31, 2018.

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