Same-sex marriage bill passes in Australian Senate !!

The Australian Senate has passed on a same-sex marriage bill, the first marriage equality bill to pass either house of federal parliament, succeeding where over 20 previous efforts have failed.Fourteen days following the statement that 61.6 percent of people who participated in the single national postal poll voted in favor of same-sex marriage, the Senate passed the cross-party bill unamended.
The bill will now go to the House of Representatives, in which it is expected to pass quickly weekly, fulfilling the Turnbull government’s promise to facilitate a marriage equality bill in case of a yes vote and legislate the crucial social reform before Christmas.

In her third reading speech before the final vote that the Labor leader in the Senate, ” Penny Wong said Australians had voted in the postal questionnaire to “reject discrimination not to expand it.”
Wong said marriage equality delivered a message to LGBTI folks: “Your love is not lesser, and nor are you. It states – you’re one people.”

Liberal senators Eric Abetz and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells explained their no votes from the desire to represent that the 38.4 percent of Australians who voted no in the poll, while Nationals Senator Matt Canavan said he believed that there were inadequate protections for conscientious objectors to same-sex marriage.

Through the discussion on Tuesday and again on Wednesday senators transferred a series of alterations to stop presumed unintended implications for freedom of speech, religion and parental choice, and also to allow civil celebrants to deny weddings. All were conquered by the cross-party group. Wong advocated the lower home to follow the Senate’s lead, to vote for a bill that represented Australians’ desire for equality.

Earlier, in a doorstop on Wednesday the attorney general, George Brandis, said the Senate discussion was “very comprehensive” however his conquered amendments to announce that religious freedom wasn’t harmed from the bill and also to allow civil celebrants to deny weddings should be considered in the lower house.

He encouraged Australians to be kind to people with a contrary view and said the reform wasn’t the triumph of one side over the other but an improvement for many Australians.
The deficiency of alterations revealed the bill had got the balance between equality and religious freedom right, Smith said.

Following the vote that the Equality Campaign co-chair, Alex Greenwich, thanked Smith “as one homosexual man to a different.”

“This wouldn’t have been possible without you; this wouldn’t have been possible without someone from the side of politics taking the leadership that you need to get us where we are today,” he said.
In an emotional speech on Tuesday, Brandis announced that marriage equality is the “imperishable heritage” of their Turnbull authorities, trumpeting the reform because of the “final action of approval and adopt” to LGBTI Australians.

Conservatives, including the Nationals MP Andrew Broad, have criticised Turnbull for not doing more to accommodate their requirements, but Brandis said the authorities had decided never to “micro-manage” the procedure but instead allow parliament consider a private member’s bill and adjustments.

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