Boris Kipriyanovich

Russian youngster claims he is from Mars and was reborn on Earth

Russian youngster Boriska Kipriyanovich has pushed the limits of conspiracy theories by claiming that he was a Martian before being reborn on Earth.

We have heard stories about humans being abducted by aliens, but this one is a rather new one considering that how a youngster from Russia claims he was a Martian before he was reborn on Earth. Kipriyanovich claims he died on Mars because of a nuclear war. After that he was reborn on Earth – a claim that sounds outright frivolous because the things that he has said to support his original claim are outright bizarre.

Kipriyanovich’s parents say he started speaking at a very young age – much before the normal age for kids to speak and would often discuss subjects that were never taught to him like alien civilisations. Boriska’s mother who herself is a doctor claims that her child is special for has able to read, write and draw by the age of two and the first indication of him being special was when weeks after his birth he was able to hold his own head up unassisted.

Boriska claims to have lived on a ‘war-ravaged’ Mars, which suffered from a nuclear catastrophe in the distant past. He said that when he was on Mars he measured about seven-feet in height and used to live underground on the Red Planet and breathe in carbon dioxide. Boriska even claims that people on Mars were immortals and that they stopped aging at the age of 35.

As far as technology is concerned the Russian claims that when they lived on Mars they were much more technologically advanced and that they were even capable of interstellar travel. Boriska even goes to the extent of claiming that they had a strong connection with people on Earth specifically the ancient Egyptians.

If this was not it, he even claims that he has been on Earth once as a Martian pilot. Boriska further said that the life on Earth will change dramatically when the Great Sphinx monument in Giza is ‘unlocked’ adding that the opening mechanism is hidden behind an ear.

Boriska even claims that there are still a few Martians left on the Red Planet who are living there and if that’s the case, one obvious question is what are the NASA rovers doing ever since they landed on Mars?

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