Russia: Number of Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Rises to 200,000

(Moscow) Russia passed the symbolic bar on Sunday 200 00 0 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with a high number of new daily infections and which should make it the most affected country in Europe as of next week.

France Media Agency

The authorities have reported 11 012 new COVID case – 19 Sunday, bringing the total confirmed to 209 688 cases in the largest country in the world, while official mortality remains relatively low with 1915 victims.

The Russian authorities claim that the surge in the number of cases in the past week is explained by the multiplication of tests carried out – 5.4 million according to the count on Sunday – and not by an acceleration of the spread. This would also explain the low mortality.

The objective of mass screening is to track asymptomatic or mild cases of COVID – 19 and which are not necessarily counted in other countries due to lack of access to tests.

But some in Russia doubt this interpretation and the veracity of the mortality statistics.

Michael Ryan, executive director of health emergencies at the World Health Organization (WHO), said on Friday that “Russia is probably experiencing a delayed epidemic.”

Moscow, the main source of the epidemic in Russia, extended the confinement until the end of May while allowing construction sites and industries to resume their activity.