R Madhavan’s movie ROCKETRY: THE NAMBI EFFECT teaser out which tell that India could reach on Mars 20 years ago

 R Madhavan, who won the hearts of fans with his strong acting in movies  will now be seen in his next film ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ (ROCKETRY: THE NAMBI EFFECT). In this film, the story of the Indian Space Scientist will arrive at the event in first Attempt.




1 minute 20 seconds of Rocketry: The Nambi EFFECT, showing the truth about the Mangalya in front of the teaser. The USA (USA) spent $ 671 million for ‘Mission to Mars’ and was successful in the 19th effort, while Russia spent $ 117 million on Tuesday in the 16th attempt. At the same time, India spent $ 74 million in just one attempt in November 2014, succeeded in reaching Mars via Mangalyan.

In the character of aerospace engineer Nambi Narayanan in Teaser, R Madhavan said, “If I could say to you that you could achieve this feat 20 years ago … my name is Nambi Narayanan, I spent 35 years in rocketry and jail In 50 days The price of those 50 days which my country paid, this story is about it and not mine. “

Aamir Khan has also shared the teaser of the film on his Twitter account. He wrote, ‘Hey guys, check this out. Looks very intriguing to me. Love. ‘

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