Prince Charles of England leaves isolation after coronavirus

After a consultation with his doctor, Carlos stopped being isolated

Televisa News SOURCE: efe FROM: LONDON, England

Prince Charles of England leaves the isolation after coronavirus. (EFE, file)

Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne who tested positive for coronavirus, left isolation after seven days and is in good health, his spokesman said Monday.

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Last week, his Clarence House office revealed that Carlos, from 71 years, he had been examined after showing mild symptoms of the virus and had been in isolation at his Birkhall residence in Scotland, where he continued to work.

After a consultation with his doctor, Carlos was no longer isolated, Clarence House said. You will resume your meetings and exercise in accordance with medical and government guidelines.

However, his wife Camila, who tested negative for coronavirus, will remain isolated until the end of the week in case she also develops symptoms.

Buckingham Palace has previously said that Queen Elizabeth, who left London on 19 March for Windsor Castle along with her husband Felipe, she is in good health.

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