Preity Zinta opens up about Salman Khan: There are no rehearsals

Preity G Zinta opened up about working with Salman Khan at the India Today Conclave East 2018.

From Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega to Jaan-E-Mann, Preity G Zinta has worked with Salman Khan in a number of films. At the India Today Conclave East 2018, the actress revealed about what it was like to have him as a co-star.
“Salman is very cool. He is in his own zone,” she said

Further, she added “When I did films with him, he wasn’t Salman the super super superstar. I did films with him where I had very meaty parts. So it was fun working with him then. I don’t know how girls feel working with him now. Because the whole story is centered around him,”

Preity said that she had a great time working with Salman because “he is a lot of fun”. However, she revealed that there are no retakes when you work with him.

“There are no rehearsals with Salman. You just got to get it right. So you have to come there prepared,” she said.

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