Pompeo says he takes suspected threats against diplomat “seriously”

(Washington) US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said Monday he was taking information about an alleged Iranian plan to “assassinate” an American diplomat, denounced as “baseless” “seriously” by Tehran.

France Media Agency

According to the Politico news site, which quotes two US officials on condition of anonymity, intelligence services believe the Iranian government is considering attempting to assassinate the US ambassador to South Africa , Lana Marks, close to Donald Trump.

The threat, detected since the spring, has become more precise in recent weeks, according to Politico sources, as Tehran intends to avenge the death of its powerful general Qassem Soleimani, killed in January by an American strike on order of the US president.

“We take these kinds of statements seriously,” Mike Pompeo told Fox News.

“We know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the first state supporting terrorism in the world and that they have already carried out this kind of assassination”, “in Europe and elsewhere”, he added. .

“We will do everything in our power to protect each of our officials in the State Department,” he continued, warning Iran: “Attack an American, anywhere either, whatever the moment, whether it is a diplomat, an ambassador or a soldier, it is totally unacceptable ”.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry had previously considered it to be “false information”, “without merit”.

Its spokesperson referred to “repetitive and nauseating methods to create an anti-Iranian climate on the international scene”.

Iran has “demonstrated its enduring adherence to the principles and practices of international diplomacy”, while the Trump administration “has acted in defiance of many internationally accepted standards and methods,” he said.

The American president withdrew in 2018 the United States from the international Iranian nuclear agreement, deeming this text insufficient to prevent Tehran from acquiring the bomb atomic and to stem its “nefarious” influence in the Middle East.

But despite unprecedented American sanctions, his campaign of “maximum pressure” did not favor the negotiation of a “new agreement”, an objective declared by the Republican billionaire, and the tensions between the two enemy countries remain lively.