OST wants you to adopt blockchain without going the ICO route

Blockchain is long associated with bitcoin only, but it has evolved since the anonymous creator of bitcoin wrote that whitepaper. More and more companies are working on to apply blockchain and its benefits into various industries and sectors. But, what will drive adoption of blockchain to the masses?

The answer lies in the ability of the consumer oriented companies to use blockchain and pass its benefits to the consumers. One such token is OST( read more at ost.com). The token is launched by serial entrepreneur Jason Goldberg who earlier founded billion dollar compnay Fab.com and furniture startup, Hem.com

Many prominent investors like Chinese giant Tencent, 500 startups etc share Jason’s vision of making it possible and simple for any company to make their own custom digital currency in the form of branded tokens without getting into the legality and tech behind blockchain and initial coin offerings.

Some 28 companies including stock photo giant unsplash.com has partnered with ost to launch their own tokens on top of ost protocol. Some of them are:



The stellar team is working under the radar and in my opinion it will be a top 10 coin in crypto by market cap in the next few months.

With China still not coming into terms with ICOs and with a backing of Tencent, I think this token will have many applications in different industries.


Disclaimer: Crypto currency investment are very risky. Do your own diligence.

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  1. Great write up!!!! I’ve heard that OST will be a big player in the soon future! I like how they are incorporating companies of all kinds. This is what the world really looks like.

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