Obama vacation home hits the market for $17.75 million

We all have some dream; Sometimes we dreamt to live a life of a king or a ruler of a country. President of any nation also lives a life like that. So if you are dreaming of spending a life like a president then here is the best opportunity for you. If you are hoping to spend your summer as a president, then don’t be late. It’s the primary time to act on.

The Martha’s Vineyard estate which was rented by the former president of America is now for sale. President Barack Obama and his family took that property for rent in summer 2013. Currently, the property is for the seal, and the net price of that property is $17.75 million.


According to news, web named Sotheby, that 7000 known as Chilmark House, boasts six bedrooms and five full baths across nine-and-a-half wooded acres with beachfront views.

The presidential palace is situated over 120 feet above the Atlantic ocean; It Features panoramic view of the sea, oak and limestone stuffed floors, beautiful wood-burning fireplaces, and skylights. Also, a private gym, complete heating and air ventilation facility two-bedroom for guests, and three individual beach lots accessible by boat added to the property luxury.


Some other things are that it consists, a heated infinity pool, screened porch, outdoor terraces, and a half-basketball court. Living room features a black-and-white photo of the former President and First Lady back in 1996, which will be there after the takedown of that house.

According to a trusted real-estate news provider named Town & Country observed in their news that, Chilmark House is being sold by Chicago-based Obama supporters David and Patricia Schulte, They knocked $4.75 million off the initial asking price since 2015.

In the eight-year of administration Obama and his family frequently visited that place in summer holidays.

Perhaps, the former First Family will even drop by to say hello to the new owners this summer.


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