No rally before the presidential election for Joe Biden

(Wilmington) Democratic candidate for the White House Joe Biden said Tuesday that he would follow “the doctor's orders” and would not hold election rallies because of the COVID pandemic – 19, unlike his rival Donald Trump.

France Media Agency

“This is the strangest campaign in modern history, it seems to me,” he said during a surprise press conference in Wilmington, in his State of Delaware. “I'm going to follow the doctor's instructions, not just for me, but for the country. And that means I'm not going to organize rallies, “added Barack Obama‚Äôs former vice president, 77 years old.

Donald Trump, 74 years old, was strongly criticized for having organized a rally to return to the campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which brought together the 20 June several thousand people in this southern state which was experiencing a surge in cases of coronavirus.

“I have traveled and when I do, I present my arguments, I take questions and I leave. But you know me, I would much prefer to be on the ground with people because that's where I feel the best, “he told reporters gathered in a school near his home.

Joe Biden clarified that he had not been tested for the coronavirus because he had had no symptoms and that he did not want to “take the place of someone else” . But that he would certainly do it “soon”, now that he organized more public meetings.

Donald Trump and his campaign team regularly make fun of Joe Biden for remaining confined to his Wilmington home without hosting non-virtual meetings after the campaign suddenly stopped in mid-March because of the coronavirus.

The Republican team questions his mental abilities and claims that he is “hiding” in his basement, where he has installed a television studio, so as not to have to face the looks.

Known for his blunders and mistakes in his improvised speeches, Joe Biden brushed aside these accusations on Tuesday: “You just have to watch me and I really can't wait to compare my cognitive abilities with the cognitive abilities of the man I'm running against. “

The Democrat has said that he intends to participate in the three debates scheduled against Donald Trump at the start of the school year. “I'm really looking forward to it,” said Joe Biden.