New York strengthens quarantine measures for visitors

(New York) Faced with the pandemic that is progressing in the United States, the governor of the State of New York extended on Tuesday the list of states whose visitors are subject to quarantine, which will have to provide their contact details when arriving at New York airports.

France Media Agency

The list of American states whose visitors are now forced to isolate themselves for 14 days now relates to 22 States, four more, the governor said in a tweet.

Sign of the outbreak in many regions in recent weeks, the number of States affected by this measure – based on the number of cases detected there – has almost tripled since 24 June, representing half of the American population.

The list notably includes California, Texas and Florida, the three most populous states in the country where the contamination exploded.

Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio and Wisconsin were added on Tuesday.

While there has been no formal control of quarantine constraints so far, agents will also ensure, as of this Tuesday, that travelers disembarking at New York airports fill out a form intended for health services, with their contact details, said the governor.

If the epidemic has declined dramatically in New York City, where a cautious deconfinement began in early June, it is progressing in many states of the country, with almost 60 00 0 new cases in 24 hours announced Monday and 3, 36 million cases in total.