Net Marble Updates Valentine's Day with “BTS WORLD”

On February 2nd 11, Net Marble announced an update to add a Valentine-themed stage and member card to BTS WORLD.

In this update, we have added a new event stage “ BTS chocolates!” That includes a Valentine-themed story.

When you complete this event stage, you can select any of the seven newly added BTS ☆ 5 member cards and earn one.

Valentine's theme stamp packs have also been added to enhance the style of BTS members. In addition, a 7-day “Valentine Special! 7-day login event” where you can get various items, “Gold and intimacy gains during a specific time zone”, “Petal pets fly down! Weekend HOT TIME!”, 4 Items that can be earned every hour, such as “Melting in your mouth softly! Sweet free item gacha!”

Details of this update can be found on the official forum.

・ “BTS WORLD” Official Forum: February 11 Update Information

http: //forum.netmarble. com / btsworld / view / 40 / 1287988

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・ “BTS WORLD” Official Twitter (English)

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