NC Japan Holds Valentine's Religion Festival Gacha at “Renshin no Astral”-New Alchemist “Beatrice” Appears

NC Japan, February On Sunday, it was announced that Valentine's Day events such as “Confessions of Chocolat Rose” will be held at “Astral of the Religion”.

◆ You can get 300 blue diamonds by clearing all story quests! Valentine event “ confession of chocolate rose '' starts


February 12 Date 15 Hour-February 22 Day 4 o'clock 59 minutes


The event “Confessions of Chocolat Rose”, which is set in the Paris series, has started. In the event story, the Paris series new type alchemist “Beatrice” (CV: Ai Furuhata) appears for the first time.

Story quests will progress using the fixed deck of the appearing alchemist. Complete all quests to earn a total of 300 blue diamonds.

◆ Try the new alchemist “Beatrice (CV: Ai Furuhata)” and get the awakening beast!


February 12 Date 15 Hour-February 19 Day 4 o'clock 59 minutes


Held a special quest to try out the Paris series balanced type new alchemist Beatrice (CV: Ai Furuhata) for a limited time. A mission to acquire “Awakening Beast” and “Invisible Right Hand of God” will also be held at the same time.

New Alchemist [Beatrice (CV: Ai Furuhata)]

◆ New Surgeon probability up! “Valentine Religion Festival Lotto” is held!


February 12 Date 15 Hour-February 17Day14Time59 minutes


A female original alchemist-only Valentine's Original Religion Festival Gacha with the new alchemist Beatrice (CV: Ai Furuhata) will be held. The probability of activating a vision link where powerful alchemists such as “ Countess Cagliostro (CV: Atsuko Tanaka) '' and “ Jacqueline Moriarty (CV: Emi Nitta) '' is lined up 10% UP.

◆ [Reprint] Power Type Alchemist [Anne Boothroid (CV : Mami Shimoda)]]


February 10 15 Hour-February 17 4 o'clock on day 59 minutes


“[Reprint] Unleashed Link Battle Vol.2 ~ Anne Boothroid Edition ~” will be held to challenge the quest using the prepared deck. Unlock the Power Series Alchemist [Ann Boothroid (CV: Asami Shimoda)] of the London series and collect medals in “Extra Quest” to get luxurious rewards!

Alchemist [Ann Boothroid (CV: Asami Shimoda)]

◆ “The 2nd Rejin Shin Fighter Ogaki Cup Power League” is now being held!

There are many new elements such as “ ranking reward '' that units of the new series “ Kyoto '' can get, “ JACKPOT '' to win a large amount of blue diamonds, “ Magic remodeling treasure chest '' that can acquire special sacred objects with a certain probability “Renjin Fighting Party: Oga Cup Power League” is currently being held.

Join a combination of power type decks.

[Otoga Cup: Power League Date and Time]

February 11 Date 0 Hours to February 18 Sun 23Time59 minutes

The period is subject to change.

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