Mukesh Ambani: India’s economy will double up to five trillion Dollars in next seven years.

Mukesh Ambani gave this statement that Indian economy will be doubled to $5 Trillion by 2024, he also added that Indi will rise up even higher than China while being in the middle of twenty first century.Mukesh Ambani is India’s richest man.


While being in HT Leadership Summit, Ambani recalled that he predicted in 2004 when India was a 200 billion dollars economy that it will rise up to five trillion dollars in twenty years, i.e in 2024. He added that now this goal seems more near and more certainly to be achieved; it could even be achieved before 2024.

Today India’s GDP size is 2.5 trillion dollars and it makes it sixth in the world in terms of rank. Mukesh Ambani also hinted towards tripling it to dollar ten trillion by 2030 and close whatever gap is there between India and China and India and USA.

Ambani also believes that India can also become more prosperous than US and China in this century, optimism is reflected in his words which weaves a beautiful hope for near future.

He said that the coming three decades are the most important decades for India, by middle of twenty first century; he said that India will rise higher than China and would garner more interest from all around the globe. He thinks that India’s developmental model will create inclusive as well as equitable growth.  He also appreciated Aadhaar and said that the fourth Industrial revolution will be witnessed by India.

He said, “Five years ago, when most Indian businesses were investing outside India, we decided to invest about $60 billion in India. We have nearly completed this investment cycle. We are now ready to commit even more in our next investment cycle. We are doing this out of our undiminished conviction that India is the biggest investment opportunity in the world,” said Mr. Ambani. He advised the international investors to be a part of ‘India’s Rise’ by investing, earning, growing partnering and prospering together with India.”

Also while talking about Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani said, “Just one year back, India was ranked 150th in the world for mobile broadband. Now it is No. 1 after the launch of Jio. Today, Indians consume more mobile broadband data than users in the U.S. and China. If data is destiny, new India is well and truly ready for its new ‘Tryst with Destiny’. In the coming years, we will see many such success stories from India.”

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