More than 23 thousand deaths from coronavirus and more than half a million infected in the world


The United States reached first place this Thursday by number of infected by Covid – 19, more cases than in China or Italy

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Add more than 23 thousand deaths by coronavirus and more than half a million infected in the world , according to data from the Johns Hopkins University .

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In this sad classification, United States reached this Thursday first place by number of infected from Covid – 19 , more cases than in China or Italy , according to private data.

Johns Hopkins University indicated that the figure amounts to 82 thousand 404 cases currently in the North American country, while the newspaper The New York Times calculated that they are 81 one thousand 321 the infected.

In this macabre list, Italy today registered the highest death toll by country: 8 thousand 165 when registering 662 in the last ones 24 hours. According to Civil Protection, today 4 were registered. 492 new cases, compared to 3 thousand 491 the previous day.

For its part, Spain became last Wednesday the second country in the world with the most fatal victims of coronavirus after Italy. This Thursday, the number of deceased amounted to 4 thousand 89, after that deaths were recorded 655 in the last 24 hours, according to figures from the Spanish Ministry of Health.

In front of them, Latin America and the Caribbean, which has approximately 629 millions of inhabitants, are not yet suffering so badly from the calamities of the virus but, in anticipation of its advance, many authorities have forced quarantines and curfews as a preventive remedy.

Of the two big ones, Brazil presents the worst figures with 2 thousand 611 cases, 63 dead and only 6 recovered, while Mexico, which today paralyzed non-essential activities of the Administration, only counts 586 and 8 deaths.

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