Mexico estimates the highest number of coronavirus infections at the end of April


Phase 3 of the COVID pandemic – 19 could occur in Mexico after the 19 of April, with a multiplicity of cases and outbreaks throughout the nation

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Health estimates that on 19 April, Mexico will enter phase 3 by coronavirus. (Getty Images)

The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, indicated this Thursday that phase 3 of the pandemic of COVID – 19 , with a multiplicity of cases and outbreaks throughout the nation, will occur in the country probably after the 19 of April.

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“There is no doubt that phase 3 will come,” said the official during the morning press conference, referring to the time of the epidemic with the highest number of infected and cases.

However, he indicated that if the country disciplines itself, it does not go out into the street and follows the guidelines of the so-called National Day of Sana Distance – which urges, for example, to suspend non-essential public and private activities – the curve epidemic “will allow caring for sick people.”

He pointed out that it is necessary that in the next three weeks people do not move in public spaces to cut the transmission “because we must be aware that the epidemic does not end overnight.”

He said that at this moment, when Mexico is in phase 2 of the COVID epidemic – 19, when registering six deaths and 475 infections, of which 13 have no import history, general measures are needed such as the closure of schools, jobs and that public spaces are not have people gathered.

“It is a crucial time of opportunity,” he said, because according to him there are still few cases compared to other countries where the pandemic has already spread and therefore “not We can lose the opportunity and it is time to do it now (stop the activities), and do it all at the same time. ”

He said that this could prevent cases from growing exponentially since when this happens “we will not be able to stop the epidemic” and what will happen in European countries where cases are doubling every two days will occur.

In this regard, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador , called on the citizens to social distancing, to take care of older adults and to take into account the prevention measures proposed by the Ministry of Health.

He thanked the businessmen for helping to give older adults permission to stay home with pay and asked that this support be extended until 19 of April.

“That they help us and that only the indispensable ones remain,” he reiterated.

He said that the Government is also helping its workers to take this time while maintaining the same income and benefits.

López-Gatell explained that although public health measures would like to become more extreme, there are some that have no basis, such as the closure of borders.

However, he clarified that these measures must be adapted to the context of each country. Well, while in European nations there is an equitable distribution of wealth, in Mexico “we have profound social and economic inequality.”

That is why, he assured, in Mexico social and economic activity cannot be restricted so much because that would cause “irreparable harm to workers who live daily.”

Finally, he asked the state governments to adhere to the technical recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and, to the extent possible, coordinate with the federation to take preventive measures against COVID – 19.

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