Manmohan Singh asks PM to find ‘more dignified ways’ to seek votes.

Manmohan Singh said on Saturday that Modi, the current Prime Minister has failed to understand the “pains which were because of his note ban and his decisions on GST were also going to affect the people of Gujarat.
He called demonetisation as an “uninformed, half-baked crusade” and according to him, the GST  plan was a “badly designed and hastily implemented” measure, Manmohan Singh had also talked about the “low-level rhetoric” which was used by BJP.

He said, “I wish the prime minister would find more dignified ways of impressing upon the crowds and seeking their votes.” He added, “Just as you were recovering from one blow (of demonetisation), came the GST. Nobody consulted you or tried to understand how your dhandha (business) works.”

Another statement by former Prime Minister was that “The prime minister is from Gujarat, and he claims to understand Gujarat and the poor more than anyone else. How is it that he never understood the pains his decisions will unleash on you? Your business works on trust and relationships. Without trust in each other, Surat will collapse. You extended this trust to the prime minister and his promise of ‘acchhe din’ (good days). The hope symbolised in those dreams now lies shattered.”

He also said that in just Surat, 89,000 powerlooms were sold as scrap and it led to a loss of 31,000 jobs. There are countless such examples from industrial clusters and big mandis (markets) from across the country. Singh also believed that China is the one that was benefited from this situation.
“In FY 2016-17, India’s imports from China stood at Rs 1.96 lakh crore. During the same period in FY 2017-18, the imports from China increased to Rs 2.41 lakh crore. This unprecedented increase in imports by more than Rs 45,000 crore, a 23 per cent increase in a year, for which one has to give the credit to demonetization and GST. These twin blows damaged India’s MSME sector and our businesses had to turn to Chinese imports at the cost of India jobs,” the ex Prime Minister said.

“This is an uninformed, half-baked crusade on black money where he (Modi) painted everyone as a thief, while real culprits have gotten away.” He also referred to GST as “badly designed and hastily implemented.”
Thus, this was the statement of the Economist turned Politician on the important matters of the nation such as GST as well as Demonetization. Let’s see how BJP gives a comeback to this situation.

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