Linda Tripp, key figure in the Lewinsky scandal, is dead

(Washington) Linda Tripp, one of the main protagonists of the “Lewinsky scandal” which resulted in a trial for the impeachment of former American President Bill Clinton, died on Wednesday, his former lawyer told AFP .

France Media Agency

M e Joseph Murtha did not specify the causes of death of his former client, but according to his relatives, quoted in the American media, M me Tripp, 70 years old, suffered from pancreatic cancer.

In 1996, then employed at the Pentagon, she became friends with a new colleague, Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern aged 22 years

She had told him about her affair with the Democratic president. Unbeknownst to the young woman, Linda Tripp had recorded from 1997 her secrets. She also convinced her to keep a blue dress soiled with the president's sperm.

She then delivered the tapes and information on the dress to special prosecutor Kenneth Starr who has been investigating since 1994 on Bill Clinton, initially on suspicion of corruption then of sexual harassment.


Bill Clinton, in 2019, and Monica Lewinsky, in 2015

The prosecutor, whose investigation was trampling, seized it to accuse the president of perjury, the latter having denied under oath to have had sexual intercourse with his intern.

This investigation led the House of Representatives to send Bill Clinton to trial before the Senate. He was acquitted in 1999.

M me Tripp had declared to have acted by “patriotism”, but had become in public opinion the symbol of the false friend, traitor.

In 2018, she still defended her action in a podcast: “I made the deliberate choice to say that this behavior was unacceptable on the part of the leader of the free world ”.

A few hours before the announcement of her death, Monica Lewinsky had tweeted: “whatever the past, I learned that Linda Tripp is seriously ill, I hope she will recover.”