karwa chauth special Romantic Bollywood video song collection gift for your spouse

On this day of karwa chauth women give gifts to their husbands to feel special, even after being hungry all day they make their special choice food. The husband also gives gifts to his wife to make his wife feel special, he cooks special food for them. Nowadays, many men keep Karva Chauth fasting to support their wives. How can we forget the songs on this festival showing emotional and devotion for each other in the relationship of husband and wife.

Waiting for the moon or being hungry, you have to take the whole day, listening to the songs, you can take full enjoy  of Karva Chauth. Not only this, men and women can make their husbands happy by tagging these songs on social media or by singing these songs in their sweet voice on this day. You too listen to these ever-loved Bollywood songs.

Karwa Chauth’s fast today is being done on 27th October today. This festival is considered very special for the  women .  On the day of Karwa Chauth, women keep fast for the whole day. After being hungry and thirsty, after seeing the moon in the evening, drinking water at her husband’s hands opens her fast. 


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