Jack And Dil Movie review :love Affair and funny spy activity mix average movie

This movie Has been created on the suspicion of lost love and then illegal relations in a married life, and this is what has been done by director Sachin P. Karande in the film Jack And Hear. In this, Amit Saha, Arbaaz Khan, Sonal Chauhan and Avelin Sharma have teamed up with him. This is a suspense comedy movie. This time you are releasing in your close cinemas to laugh.

Starcast –  Arbaaz Khan, Amit Sadhu, Sonal Chauhan and Avelin Sharma

Director: Sachin P Karande

Jack And Dil Trailer


The story of the film begins with Walia who is a businessman, who is   Arbaaz Khan, which has a big business in Goa and even more beautiful is his wife Shilpa, whose role  played by Sonal Chauhan. The third but main character of this story is Jack, who is a small detective. Walia suspects that his wife Shilpa’s affair is running with someone else. then can jack find out which one walia wife affair to know this you watch movie 



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