ISIS claimed to be using Bitcoin to fund terror, Pak born US citizen held

In a stunning report by The Daily Mirror, Bitcoin is found to be used by ISIS to fund terror activities around the world. Bitcoin is a border less currency which has soared to as high as $18300 at the time of writing this article.

The anonymous nature of the currency, the fact that it doesn’t passes through the established channels of fund transfer has made it a very lucrative way of financing terror and other illegal activities.

Zombie Shahnaz, a 27 year old Pak born, US citizen was held yesterday for financing ISIS by laundering bitcoin. The girl recently had quit her job without informing her parents and was held at John F Kennedy airport in July while trying to board a plane to Pakistan.

She fraudulently arranged bitcoins worth $85000 through bank loans and then siphoned off the bitcoins to individuals and other entities in Pakistan, China and Turkey in a bid to help ISIS. Formal charges have been pressed that involves bank fraud and money laundering.

It is worth noting that ISIS supported websites are now urging its supporters to help by sending over bitcoins.

In November 2017, an ISIS linked website, Akbar al-Muslimin had started a campaign askingfor donations of Bitcoins, and the girl might have been influenced by that.

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