Is Morning Sickness is your daily routine?

According to latest researches, it has been found that most of our generation is suffering from morning fatigue & tiredness . The numbers are rising drastically with growing amount of stress & Sedentary lifestyle. We need to address this problem on a urgent basis as this will lead to major health issues in future.


With growing amount of stress in our daily life, one thing we all wish for is a sound sleep . Remember when as a kid you use to fell asleep in middle of practically anything like watching a moving, while playing & off course while studying. But now as a grownup we often end up lying in bed for long just waiting for sleep to overcome our sense . But even after waking up do feel fresh and energetic like before ?

Every morning you wake up , You feel tired ? fatigue in your body ? no mood of going work ? life feels like a burden ?  , Is it normal ? how long it has been like this ? will u be like this every morning  u woke up ? …..u need to stop this, right ?

So now first of all you need to understand the difference between tiredness & fatigue. We all experience tiredness at times which can be relieved by sleep & rest. Fatigue is when the tiredness is often overwhelming and isn’t relieved by sleep and rest. Basically fatigue is matured tiredness in body.

Now we come to the solution part, Our body needs our constant attention and care. It’s basically a complex machine which is performing multiple function , so in order to make it last long with great efficiency we need to provide servicing just like our own vehicle .

·         Hydration

·         Rest

·         Detoxify

·         Nourishment

·         Exercise

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