International Happiness Day in times of pandemic due to coronavirus

The UN celebrates the International Day of Happiness to highlight the importance of eradicating poverty and inequality in search of guaranteeing well-being

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International Happiness Day in times of the coronavirus pandemic. (Dark Quarter)

The United Nations (UN) celebrates this Friday the International Happiness Day to highlight the importance of eradicating poverty and inequality in search of guaranteeing well-being, however, this year is marked by one of the most critical pandemics of recent times.

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According to the latest United Nations World Happiness report, Finland was named the happiest country in the world for the third consecutive year according to income level, freedom , confidence, life expectancy and social support. Denmark and Switzerland are in second and third place.

According to one of the authors of the report, Jeffrey Sachs, happiness will not vaccinate these countries against the new virus because “health systems cannot cope with the outbreak on their own,” he told CNN. .

Amid the effects on health and income, the residents of a country are looking for cooperative ways to repair the damage, a situation that has “sometimes led to surprising increases in happiness, as a result of noticing a willingness to their neighbors and institutions to work with each other.

Even without the impact of the coronavirus, none of the main world economies was located in the 10 first places. United Kingdom ranked thirteenth, Germany remained in place 17, Russia came down to the spot 73 and China fell to the post 94.

Considering per capita income, social support, and perception of corruption, Costa Rica, the United States, and Mexico are those that remain within the first places in the American continent with the highest happiness ranking, when occupying the site 15, 18 Y 24, respectively.

In contrast, Venezuela, Paraguay and Bolivia are among the lowest placed in places 99, 67 Y 65, respectively within the list released this Friday.

Globally, the countries with the lowest happiness index are mostly African and Middle Eastern, so Afghanistan, South Sudan and Zimbabwe were in the last three places of the 153 countries considered in the report.

Since 2012, the UN declared the 20 March as World Happiness Day. This is the eighth report released and the ranking was made from a survey analysis, including the Global Gallup Survey.

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