Increases the number of people with coronavirus in Yucatan to 29


Of those 29 confirmed cases, there are three that are they are hospitalized and in total isolation

Televisa News SOURCE: notimex FROM: MÉRIDA, México

Doctors from the Regional High Specialty Hospital of the Yucatan Peninsula. (Photo: @MauVila)

Since the contingency began and until the day before, they have been detected in Yucatan 118 suspected cases of coronavirus COVID – 19, of which 29 have tested positive, 16 are still under study and 73 cases have already been ruled out, reported the state Secretary of Health (SSY).

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In a statement, he explained that of the infected people, nine have already recovered: they do not present symptoms nor can they spread; 17 are stable, isolated in their homes, constantly monitored by SSY medical personnel; have mild symptoms.

However of those 29 confirmed cases, there are three that they are hospitalized and in total isolation; the agency assured that serious but stable reports are reported.

He added that the age range of confirmed cases is 17 to 63 years.

The SSY reported on the confirmed case of a woman in Canada that is not included in the official figures because it was detected in that country; the patient remains hospitalized and in isolation; Your health status is reported as severe.

He also urged Yucatecans to stay home to prevent and control the spread of the coronavirus COVID – 19 .

Likewise, he advised that only the family member who has to go out, for work, to buy food or medicine, do so without company.

He reiterated that it is very important to take care of the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities, who are the most vulnerable groups.

The secretariat stated that if you return or are traveling, stay isolated during 12 days.

Finally, he gave means to obtain information on the telephone line 800 YUCATÁN (800 982 2826) is attended in Spanish and Mayan and is for the exclusive use of people with symptoms of the Coronavirus COVID – 19.

There is more information about the virus on the website, also in Mayan and in Spanish.

With information from Notimex.