I am that person who loves to go somewhere where nobody has:Taapsee Pannu

From a girl who loved studies to becoming an actress, Taapsee Pannu’s journey has been a roller-coaster ride. She says she has always been about exploring the unexplored.

 Taapsee Said “I wanted to do MBA in marketing and do a regular job, probably something creative but in the MBA space, but not this risky or crazy I’ll say. I jumped into this profession only to while away one year of my life while I prep for my MBA. And when movies happened, I took two films at a time — one Tamil, one Telugu to see, ‘Let’s have fun, enjoy, we will learn something new and life is not really wasted, and rather than sitting at home and only studying, might as well learn something new as well’.”

“I have been very crazily adventurous with my life and age has now made me sober down a little bit. But I have been insanely crazy. I love doing something which is not expected and obviously, I have this fascination. This fascination took me to a place near central Delhi somewhere in the middle of a forest area which was supposed to be having some weird history and haunted and all that, and I just wanted to explore.”

I am that person who loves to go somewhere where nobody has”  added the actress.

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