Hurricane Sally is strengthening and threatening US shores

(Washington) Hurricane Sally strengthened in category 2 on Monday night and is now threatening the southeastern United States, the US meteorological services warned.

France Media Agency

Carrying winds blowing up to 155 km / h, it could make landfall as early as Tuesday, warned the National Hurricane Center in its latest bulletin .

The hurricane could still “strengthen” on Monday evening and Tuesday morning, becoming “a dangerous hurricane as it moves to the coast”, according to the institution.

Currently 170 km east of the mouth of the Mississippi, Sally may cause potentially deadly rises from Louisiana to Alabama. New Orleans, devastated fifteen years ago by Hurricane Katrina , is one of the areas at risk.

“Bad weather is not something to be taken lightly,” warned Kay Ivey, governor of Alabama, after declaring a state of emergency for her state, which borders Florida.

“We pray that Sally does not cause damage, but we must be ready”, she insisted, inviting the inhabitants of her state to the most great caution.