Hundreds of Chinese medical personnel were likely infected with the Corona virus

New York, USA (CNN) – As efforts by the Chinese government to contain the new Corona virus, which has come to be known as “Wuhan Corona,” relative to the region where it started, appear to be There are new signs of a crisis that suggest that hundreds of medical staff members will be infected with this virus.

The Chinese authorities have not disclosed the number of coronavirus infections among medical personnel who deal directly with people living with the virus, except that, according to information shared with CNN by health sector workers in China in addition to accounts on social networking sites, Chinese press reports, and medical periodicals, Weights indicate that hundreds of these medical personnel were injured.

It is reported that in Wuhan only there is a 398 hospital in addition to 6000 a clinic spread across the region, and the health commission in Wuhan has designated 9 hospitals to treat people infected with Corona virus in addition to On 61 a hospital will treat fever infections that are considered a symptom of infection with the virus.

The Chinese Health Commission did not respond to a request by CNN to inquire about the number of cases that have been infected with the Corna virus among medical personnel.