How to know if you installed the fake version of WhatsApp

A fake application of WhatsApp was discovered this weekend in the Google Play Store virtual store, from where it was downloaded more than a million times before being deleted.

You can already try the new emojis of WhatsApp
With the name “Update WhatsApp Messenger”, the app reported that the company behind its development was “WhatsApp Inc”, that is the official one, but in reality that legend contained a special character that seemed like a space to deceive the user, reported today. the BBC chain. That is, in view of any person the developer was “WhatsApp Inc”, but in code it read “WhatsApp + Inc% C2% A0”.

According to the participants of the Reddit web forum, who were the first to discover this fake version, the application did not work as chat but offered advertising to download others.

Although it was already removed from the Google store, “Update WhatsApp Messenger” added more than one million downloads. To know if we are one of the victims and have it installed, just go to “Settings” and enter the “Applications” menu. Once there, look for this version of WhatsApp. If we only see the original application, we are safe.

As published by La Vanguardia, although Google eliminated the application – which was present for weeks in the store – the danger is still present. On Google Play there are dozens of gross copies and fakes of WhatsApp and other applications. An unsophisticated user could confuse them by the genuine version and infect their phone.

In dialogue with Telam, the researcher in computer security Alexis Sarghel recommended to the people that in addition to seeing the name of the developer, they look at the ratings and read the comments posted by other users before downloading any application.

“In addition, it is advisable to read news and search the Internet first if there is any news about it or verify which are the most recommended,” he added. Sarghel advised to go to the official site of the application that you want to download, because from there you can also open the download manager directly.

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